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Costa Rica



  • Caramel
  • Brown Sugar

Region: Cachi-Orosi

Farm:  Zalmari

Grower:  Ceci Genis

Variety: Marigold Estate

Process: Washed

Harvest:  2019

Importer: Farmers Project/Costa Rica


Product Description

This is a coffee that we recently received from our good friends at The Farmers Project.

The Farmers Project is a group of farmers from Costa Rica that have decided to not only

spend much of their time growing and processing coffee but also to focus on direct trade

relations with buyers in the States to cut out high importing costs to themselves and try

to bring more money into the coffee growing community and make it more feasible to

continue growing great coffees!  You can support them each time you choose their

fantastic coffee.   Thank you!

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz