• Costa Rica

    • Caramel
    • Brown Sugar
    • ...
    Region: Cachi-Orosi Farm:  Zalmari Grower:  Ceci Genis Variety: Marigold Estate Process: Washed Harvest:  2019 Importer: Farmers Project/Costa Rica
  • ETHIOPIA Sidamo

    Notes of: 
    • blueberrries & cream
    • cherry cordial
    • blackberry cider
    Zone: Sidamo, Bensa District Farm:  Multiple small holder coffee producers  Variety: Setami and Mikicho  (local varietals) Altitude: 1800 masl Process:  Natural Process Harvest: 2019 Importer: Catalyst Trade
  • Kenya Kiawamururu PB

    ONLY AVAILABLE IN 12oz. BAGS think: 
    • spiced black cherry
    • passionfruit
    • butterscotch
    • black currant
    Region: Nyeri County Farm:  Kiawamururu Coffee Factory Variety: Ruiru 11, SL 28, Batian Altitude: 1500 MASL Process: Fully Washed Harvest:  2018 Importer: Crop to Cup
  • PERU Honey Process

    • honey
    • mild fruitiness
    • caramel
    • silky body
    • sweet finish
    Region: Purrayo Farm:  Grower:  Hector Portocarrero Peres Variety: Geisha Altitude: 1750 MASL Process: Honey Harvest:  2018 Importer: ReachTrade  
  • Peru Washed Process

    Notes of:
    • floral
    • lemon verbena
    • sweet lime finish
    Producer: Julio Abel Arevalo Tello Farm:  Villa Rica Variety: Geisha Altitude: 1600 MASL Process: Washed Process Importer: Reachtrade and Ally coffee Fair Trade Organic, Rainforest Alliance
  • Subscriptions

    This is a page that explains our subscription feature in more detail.   Our subscriptions are setup on either a once per month shipment ($30/month) or a once every other week shipment ($60/month). Each package includes 2 pounds of either the roasters choice or if you have a preference we will do our best to supply you with your favorite origins.  This also includes shipping to your address or anyone else's address that you would like to gift coffee to for a set time.   The way our subscriptions are currently setup gives our customers a $3 discount per 2# shipment instead of our regular pricing of $14/pound.