This is a page that explains our subscription feature in more detail.


Our subscriptions are setup on either a once per month shipment

($30/month) or a once every other week shipment ($60/month).

Each package includes 2 pounds of either the roasters choice or if

you have a preference we will do our best to supply you with your

favorite origins.  This also includes shipping to your address or

anyone else’s address that you would like to gift coffee to for a set



The way our subscriptions are currently setup gives our customers

a $3 discount per 2# shipment instead of our regular pricing of







TO sign up:  Go to the bottom lefthand side of any page on this website and go thru the

steps on the paypal buttons.  We will contact you after you start your subscription and

confirm which Monday of the month you would like your shipments sent out on.


Thanks for your continuing support of this small business!