Notes of:

  • Smooth
  • Sweet
  • Well-balanced

Producer:  Hector Portocarrera Heres

Farm: Purrayo

Variety: Geysha

Altitude: 1750 MASL

Process:  Natural/ Honey Process

Importer: Reachtrade and Ally coffee

Fair Trade Organic, Rainforest Alliance

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Product Description

This represents a coffee relationship that we have been cultivating for over 2 years now.

We first learned about Uptown Roasters in NYC from one of our friends that spent 6

months of his time in the city in a humanitarian outreach.  He shared contact info with

us and after we called and chatted with one of the owners for awhile we decided to give their

Peru a try.  They sent us samples and it has been ongoing since then.   We soon learned that

Paul was the guy we would deal with the most and that he spends most of his time in Peru

and Columbia working with coffee farmers.  This has had a bit of a novelty feeling when we

put in a call to Peru and visit about what has been going on there on the farms and try to decide

which producer we are going to try next.   So this past year (2018) we finally felt like we were in

a position to buy a single lot (5-10 bags of ML02 Geysha) from one producer and hope to build a

permanent relationship with him.  This makes for some very exciting possibilities that we hope

to reach.  These include talking with the producer about different processes like natural, yellow

honey and washed.  In the future we are hoping that everything will come together for us to

offer a never before seen, Peruvian coffee with two different processes side by side.  This will

give us the opportunity to showcase what major differences can be achieved just by one small

change in one of the many steps of coffee production.

We have a passion for this coffee and this country and want to offer it as our mainstay that we

will always have on hand for our customers.  Cheers!

Here are a few pics of the producer, our

importer friend, and the beautiful farm.

This shows Paul together with the growers.  

Paul is second from Left

 Hector Heres cupping his harvest

The coffee plants are just to the left of this

picture but this shows a small part of the valley

that they can look down on from the farm.

The last picture shows the full coffee bush.