//Honduras Honey Process

Honduras Honey Process


This listing is gone but we have a similar coffee coming from Peru.  Stay tuned



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Region:  Los Planes, Comayagua

Farm:  Finca el Conejo

Grower:  Delmer y Joel Banegas

Variety: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1550 MASL

Process: Honey

Harvest:  2019

Importer: De La Finca


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Product Description

This is an offering that we recently aquired from our friends at De La Finca.

This coffee has been processed using what they call a honey process.  By our

understanding it basically consists of milling the coffee cherry directly after

harvest and then fermenting the cherry with the mucilage still intact to allow

for more sugars to develop and soak into the cherry which leads to a nice

sweet coffee in the cup.  We bought samples of 3 processes that they do on

their farm (washed, honey, and natural) and felt that this honey process was

the  one we enjoyed the most.  With that being said, there is a very likely

possibility that in the coming years we will want to branch out and offer more

of their varietals as well as the different processes that they do.  Stay tuned

and keep watching this up and coming offering!