The Company

Hello, Aeris consists of two brothers roasting coffee in Eastern South Dakota that formally got started in Febuary 2015. But before that we had played around with coffee brewing and roasting for years, started out roasting a couple ounces at a time in a stripped down air popcorn popper in our folks basement (this is not recommended by the way!) This was good for experimenting with fresh roasted vs. weeks or even months old coffee. Valuable info was gleaned in these early informative years. Moving on… So in February 2015 we bought a small 6# air roaster and decided we would try to bring competitively priced, freshly roasted coffee to our friends and family and thanks to many loyal supporters and customers the business has just blossomed from there.


The Name

When we were scratching our heads trying to figure out a name, a lot of mediocre names came to us and got rejected because we wanted something simple and (easy?) to remember. Anyways, our train of thought lead us in the direction of Air (because of our air-roaster) and we thought maybe we could somehow use that one simple word if we delved into another language. First we thought ‘Italian!’ because they hold our respect for coffee and espresso, but ‘Aria’ didn’t really have the ring we were looking for. Needless to say, we tried many varieties before we finally hit on the word ‘Aeris’ in Latin which we pronounce either “Air’-riss” or on international days, “ah-rrēs’ “ and from that day to this, “Aeris Roasting Company” it has remained.